, Happy Birthday Anthony Bruce Dean!
Happy Birthday, Tony! Born 87 years ago today, Anthony Bruce Dean improved the lives of many through his professional and personal efforts. We hope you will help us celebrate his long and full life by contributing to a cause in his name. Given his great love of the Bahamas-and its great need in... More
Posted October 16, 2019
In Loving Memory DR. Loretta R...
In Loving Memory DR. Loretta Robinson Keeping you close in thought, as we mourn, cherish, and honor your legacy. Your smile will never fade, while your voice echoes gently in our hearts. Missing You, Mom & Family... More
Posted October 14, 2019
Nicole E. Mas, M.D. "May The W...
Nicole E. Mas, M.D. "May The Work I Have Done Speak For Me." In Honor and remembrance of her beautiful life and soul, we commemorate the eighth anniversary of Nicole's passing home to God on October 12th. We want to give a heartfelt THANK YOU, to all of our supporters, followers,... More
Posted October 11, 2019
OF MELISSA CHRISTINA RODRIGUEZ Oct. 28, 1982- Oct. 10, 2001 O Lord, grant those who have died the joy of your presence, and us who are living the happiness of knowing this. More
Posted October 10, 2019
In Loving Memory Gloria M. Pen...
In Loving Memory Gloria M. Penrod 2/25/29 - 10/08/02 We miss You and Love You. Here is to the Memories with ALL OUR LOVE - 17 Long Years. Aloha Mom & Daddy Love, Barb, Chris, Clay, Ursula, Destiney, Lilly, Family & Friends More
Posted October 08, 2019
IN MEMORY OF Christopher Thoma...
IN MEMORY OF Christopher Thomas Marson 1/4/84-10/7/03 You passed away sixteen years ago today. Our love for you is just as strong as ever and our memories are a bright light that keeps shining. Love, Mom, Dad and brother Mike. More
Posted October 07, 2019
IN LOVING MEMORY JANICE EDELSTEIN 11/27/31 - 09/12/99 (2 TISHREI) Dear Janice, It has been 20 years. You will forever be with us in our hearts and thoughts. All our love always, Your children, grandchildren, and Lloyd. More
Posted October 01, 2019
In memory of Miriam Mines (2/2...
In memory of Miriam Mines (2/25/1940-9/28/2018) Raising the traditional apple dipped in honey like a champagne toast, Miriam would say with zest, "To a sweet year." More than a Rosh Hashana platitude, it was a heartfelt wish. An avid temple-goer and staple at daily services, Miriam died a year... More
Posted September 29, 2019
In Loving Memory Milton Beame ...
In Loving Memory Milton Beame 1927-2015 a 50-year love affair Forever in our heart Your Fran, children, brother, grandchildren, great-grandchildren More
Posted September 29, 2019
To the Crew of "Joe Cool" Cap...
To the Crew of "Joe Cool" Capt. Jake Branam Kelly Branam Scott Gamble Samuel Kairy From: Ronnie and Mike and All of your friends. More
Posted September 24, 2019