• RAMÍREZ "Professional" Flamenco Handcrafted Guitar F-656 (Blanca)

  • $5,250
This is a unique and original "Professional" Flamenco handcrafted guitar model F-656 (Blanca) from José Ramirez, Madrid, Spain. This magnificent Masterpiece was handmade in 1977. Special ordered, it took over a year to be delivered. This is truly a collector's guitar; bought as an investment, was "never played" and it is in a superb and absolute brand new perfect condition (like it's been in a Time Capsule), with the unequalled, unmatched sound, and beautiful wood color of a 42 year old instrument. The guitar is numbered and signed by Ramirez. Its professional and luxurious hard case is included. Price reduced to only $5,250 (less than half retail price). Official retail US price is $10,930 plus tax (from the US Sole Ramírez Distributor).

Specifications: 656 mm length, red cedar top, cypress sides and bottom, ebony fingerboard, classical wooden pegs, transparent tapping plate.

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