• Computer Connectors, TV Modular Boxes, Telephone Cables and Ratchet Tie Downs

  • $50
1. Computer Cable- cat5 3 feet long
2. Telephone cable 3' 6' and more than 6'
Roll of speaker and Telephone cables
3. RS RF Modular to computer to a TV and Cables
4. Ratchets Tie Downs- Cloth, Ratchet, Buckle Tie Downs
An assortment of Cloth Ratchet and hook Tie Downs
5. RF Modular Channel 3-4 Video, Audio Cables and TV Cables
6. 10 Computer Power Cables 6 feet Computer Printer, Monitor Power Cables
The computer/monitor power cables fit the standard computers,
monitors, printers home theater receiver, and various other devices.
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