• Hurricane Direct Reactive Textile Printer

  • $29,165
Hurricane is our one of the best product going to launch worldwide. As we promised our costumers HGS is ready to revolutionize the entire high scale production machines market. This product is actually delivers all prospect which you are looking for i.e. High quality of production low costing, Saperate unit of auto fabric feeding and take up Auto Tensioning system for fabric feeding, This product is suitable for Silk, Wool, Cotton, Viscose etc. The HGS-DIR-8 PS "Hurricane" Printer is designed for high speed and best quality textile printing, sampling and mass production printing. Hurricane operates at a maximum speed of 196 m/hr and delivers a production mode of 115 m2/hr. Used is a repairable Star fire -1024 print head (8 heads and 8 color) for excellent durability.

- Star fire 1024 10 PL
- Conveyor belt system
- Position HMI controlling
- Technical advancement


Printing Technology-- Star fire 1024, 6pl, Drop on Demand

Print Head No.--- No. Resolution Height
8 Single color Operation up to 400dpi Auto Adjustable

Ink-- Reactive, Acid, Disperse, Pigment (With 8 colors)

Printing Width-- 1828mm

Fabric Width-- 1800

Fabric Type-- Suitable for Silk, Wool, Cotton, Viscose etc.

Software Supported-- Rip Master, Photo Print

Draft Quality
Standard Quality
High Quality
Ultra Quail
200 sq.mtr/hr
100 sq.mtr/hr
67 sq.mtr/hr
50 sq.mtr/hr

Conveyor Belt-- Conveyor Belt Conveyor Belt system supports for up to 200 mtr sq/hr speed Extra Guide System in convayor Belt for fix its movement on high speed

Centering Unit-- Centering Unit for edge to edge printing

Feeding and Take Up-- Separate unit of auto fabric feeding and take up Auto Tensioning system for fabric feeding

Operating System-- HMI (Touch Screen)

Washing Unit-- Numeric Controlled Washing Unit with 2 Sponge Rolls, No Brush Rolls

Blanket Drying Unit-- Auto Drying Unit in down side for keep belt dry
Drying Unit Front side with 6KVA heater (Hot Wind)

Febric Drying Unit-- Separate Drying Chamber, Dose not effect surrounding

Electric Requirement (For Machine)-- 220 Volt 3 Phase, 18 KVA(max.)
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